Kick-Ass glasses for the four-eyed classes!

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Following your comprehensive eye test, if you wish to select some new frames, we will help you to choose one that reflects your individual style; we usually have approximately 400 optical frames on display! If we don't have one that suits your taste, we'll request some on ‘appro’ for you to choose from. We will then glaze your new frame (or your existing one) with premium quality lenses, including state-of-the-art coatings. If it's not right, we'll fix it; we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee!


All new progressive lenses come with a three-month warranty to ensure you adapt to them, if not we investigate further and put them right. Don’t believe the horror stories, modern progressive lenses and easy to adapt to, forgiving to wear and smoothly transition between different viewing distances. We guarantee you’ll be pleased.

We supply spectacle lenses from reputable companies with a proven record of excellence, not generic substitutions. Our lenses come standard with an anti-reflective coating, warrantied for two years against flaking, crazing and peeling.

Blue Light Computer Glasses

Blue Light computer glasses for eye fatigue

Technology has made a large impact on our lifestyles and our eye health, due to the time we spend staring at electronic devices. The prevalence of blue-light emitting devices has introduced the potential for another level of vision protection. We can make you a pair of lenses, either prescription or plain that will filter High Energy Visible (HEV) Blue Light and UV rays. The lens will absorb 100% of UV rays up to 80% of HEV Blue Light. Additional layers on the front and back provide scratch resistance, anti-reflective benefits and a special top layer for easy-to-clean lenses. We can fit these into one of your frames or a new one from us!

  • Significantly reduces Harmful Blue Light indoors and outdoors
  • 100% direct UV protection
  • Reduces potential eyestrain and eye fatigue caused by prolonged exposure to Harmful Blue Light


Discover - Transitions® adaptive lenses™

Transitions adaptive lenses

Adjust from clear indoors to dark outdoors, so you can see more of life—beautifully.

chemistrie clip-on sun lenses

To add sun and glare protection to your prescription eyewear, choose, Transitions tinting, or Chemsitrie magnetic clip-on sun lenses. Chemistrie clips are custom made to fit your spectacles and can even be retrofitted to your existing glasses.

Optical Frames

Optical Frames

At Visualeyez Boutique Optometrists, we set ourselves apart from other Optometrists in Whangarei by providing not only exceptional personalised service but also frames that are bold, stylish and a little out of the ordinary. We pride ourselves on our eclectic frame range, featuring some known designers and many quirky boutique brands. We have a frame to reflect your individual style, or we'll find one! We don’t order bulk-lots of frames like larger franchise stores, we select each frame individually and very rarely sell more than one unit of any model. Where possible, we prefer to support New Zealand sourced designers like Kate Sylvester and Good Gryf.

If you love your existing frames and want to re-glaze them with new lenses – no problem! We don’t even charge a fitting fee for the new lenses.



Again, we hand-select a stylish range of sunglass frames and normally have around 80 to choose from. All the sunnies we stock can been converted to prescription sunglasses in progressive, bifocal or single vision lenses with Polarisation, or customised tint colours. We can also add high index thinner lenses and anti-reflective or mirror-finished coatings in multiple colour choices. In stock brands are:

  • Kate Sylvester (Kiwi)
  • Oroton
  • Bolle
  • Sass & Bide
  • Morrisey
  • Adidas
  • Ugly Fish

Prescription Safety Glasses

Prescription Safety Glasses

Visualeyez Boutique Optometrists Whangarei, create certified safety glasses fitted with prescription lenses certified for low to medium impact. There is a range of functional plastic frames and a complete range of options in corrective lenses:

  • Single vision
  • Progressive
  • Bifocal
  • Transitions© adaptive photochromatic tint
  • Polarised sun tint
  • Super hard and anti-reflective coatings