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They’re better than ever!

There’s been big improvements recently in contact lens material comfort and fitting techniques, so if you weren't impressed with your first contact experience, it might be time to give them another try.

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Visualeyez Boutique Optometrists are experts in contact lens fitting, offering the latest in comfortable and convenient lens materials, even for the over 40s! There are options for almost all prescriptions and age is no barrier. Multi-focal lens technology now allows you to see distance and near with the same contact lens. No more reading glasses placed at multiple locations around house! Visualeyez Boutique Optometrists offer extremely competitive prices, in fact comparable to most suppliers on the internet, so ask us for a quote. You could be wearing a pair of contact lenses for as little as 0.45 cents per day. You also purchase from us with the confidence that you are receiving the genuine article, from a reputable source and are protected by the consumer guarantees act and our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you are an experienced wearer and we need to change your prescription or the type of lens, we charge $150. This includes your comprehensive eye test, all trial lenses and as many appointments as are necessary to get the right fit and performance. If you've never worn contact lenses before, this increases to $220, as we will need to teach you; insertion and removal techniques and lens disinfection. If you occasionally wear contact lenses, please ensure you wear them to your eye test. If you don’t have a copy of the current prescription, please bring the boxes so we can identify the lens and its power.

We also stock a range of high quality contact lens storage/disinfection solutions and accessories.

Visualeyez can also supply and fit the hard (rigid gas permeable) contacts.

"The best thing I ever tried."